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Apr 2020

Review from Reyansh G

Dr. Manghnani is so amazing!! She has been extremely helpful and so understanding especially in these trying times when one cannot go in for appointments. She does video appointments and explains everything in detail. She will make it a point that she returns back every call or reply to every email ASAP!! She is so so patient. Being a first time mom, I do get worried at times but always she hears me out and understands our concerns. Trust me, she is really good and someone with a positive attitude. You really need someone who is patient and caring when it comes to your baby. Thank you so so much Dr. Manghnani!!

Mar 2020

Review from Aaradhana S.

We had our baby in September 2019. Dr. Manghnani was recommended by my gynecologist. We made a really good decision that we chose her as our baby's pediatrician. She has always made it a point to answer all our questions and gives time to discuss our concerns. She has never rushed. We have also sent emails if we have any questions and she has responded ASAP. She herself gives a call back if needed. A pediatrician who always has a smile on her face and is extremely helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend her.

Feb 2019

Review from veronica jaraba

100% recommended she has been my 2 kids' pediatrician since they were born and we love her

Sep 2018

Review from Annie D

We really love Doctor Rekha Manghnani because she is very nice, warm, and patient to our son. When we visited Dr. Manghnani for the first time several years ago and we explained that our son has autism, she gave us a lot of supports and helps so that we could go further specialist treatment. Every time our son visited her, she spent a lot of time to listen to us and gave us advice. We are so happy to know her and she is a great doctor for all children. Thanks God for bringing her to us!

Nov 2017

Review from Lyndah V.

This review is long over due. Dr. Rekha Manghnani is currently the pediatrician of my two children. I would like to say she is an amazing physician, caring, giving, and goes out of her way. I have always been able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved when it comes to my children. She has made herself available through odd hours and always answered my questions and concerns. I also cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the staff. From the front desk, to her medical assistant Noemi ( I believe this is how you spell her name) and the doctor. Noemi is GREAT with the little ones. She is gentle, caring and full of patience. Each and every one of them have always been courteous, professional, and always make my children's visits as comfortable as they possibly could. I just want to say thank you so much for providing such wonderful service! Dr. Manghnani and staff are very friendly and provided me with an exceptional experience. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Thank you so much Dr. Manghnani. I love that I know Nevaeh and London are always in the hands of the best care. You truly are the BEST!!!!!

May 2017

Review from Kavi R.

I've been seeing the doctor for about 5 years now for both my kids. I couldn't have asked for anything more from a pediatrician. Office is clean, her staff is very knowledgeable, professional. Dr Rekha is smart, compassionate, accommodating (wrt appointments as well). She listens and asks questions before she diagnoses. If she is showing proof from websites, it must be 'cos you brought up about what you read online. I've seen techie silicon valley parents ask all sorts of medical questions 'cos they read a bunch of forums. She is ok with that and will help you learn right from wrong. I'm very cautious about too much medication and avoiding antibiotics - She gets me to follow the right steps. Love her directions!

Apr 2017

Review from Daniela Q.

Thank you doctor Manghnani for treating my son for a second degree burn. My son was taken to Kaiser where we have insurance from but the way they treated his burn was really upsetting for me since I'm in the medical field I knew I had to find a better doctor. I'm so happy that doctor Manghanani was fast a taking care of my soon and gave him proper treatment for him burn.

Feb 2017

Review from Mastercraft R.

I have known her for over five years. She is very intelligent and has so much experience. I trust her wholeheartedly. She's a wonderful physician. You will love her. She is confident and she makes us feel confident. She's the best!!!

Jul 2016

Review from Eman I.

Very nice doctor and she gives time for patients...

Jun 2016

Review from Deepak M.

My 1.5 month old daughter's doctor is Dr Rekha since her birth. She is very knowledgeable and spends quality time answering all the questions and doubts. She is an excellent pediatrician who takes care of her patients really well. I will highly recommend Dr Rekha.

May 2016

Review from Jagadeesh G.

She my daughter's pediatrician from her birth. She is the best. Her patience and time she take to answer your questions is best.Only concern i have is .. u always have to plan extra 30 min from your appointment time. But its OK...if u need world class service.

May 2016

Review from Michelle H.

Dr. Manghnani is very patient and really takes her time during our appointments. Her offices is spacious and the staff there are nice and friendly.

Apr 2016

Review from S C.

Dr. Manghnani has been my kids(son and daughter) pediatrician for the past six years. Back in 2010, me and my wife visited several pediatricians in meet and greet sessions, before we picked the doctor. What impressed us was her kindness and ability to address pertinent queries regarding our child's health. More importantly she spends quality time when attending the child and never rushed to see another patient.I must say there has been a couple of instances when the front desk staff overbooked appointments and that delayed our child's appointment time with the doctor. But, this was few years back and now they have a more streamlined way for appointments plus new staff.Few weeks back my daughter had a fever of 103F and we wanted to contact the doctor. My wife ended up calling the doctor's non-office hours phone. Believe, this number was answered by a person from the answering service company. We received a call back immediately on next steps and got the first appointment the following day. Both of my kids were born in O Connor Hospital. Dr. Manghnani attended our kids including mandatory pediatrician assessment prior to baby's release from hospital. So, based on my personal experiences highly recommend the doctor!

Dec 2015

Review from Deepak M.

My 1.5 month old daughter's doctor is Dr Rekha since her birth. She is very knowledgeable and spends quality time answering all the questions and doubts. She is an excellent pediatrician who takes care of her patients really well. I will highly recommend Dr Rekha.

Aug 2015

Review from Prasannakumar J.

My 4 month old daughter's doctor is Dr Rekha. She is an excellent pediatrician who takes care of her patients really well. She is very knowledgeable and spends quality time answering all the questions and doubts.I will highly recommend Dr Rekha

Feb 2015

Review from Srinivasarao G.

She spends the qualitative time and answers all the questions.I would recommend her.

Feb 2013

Review from Mansi P.

LOVE HER!! My daughter is Dr. Manghnani's pt since day one from the hospital and I can't say enough good things about her! She is always super friendly, calm, supportive and of course...always has amazing answers for just about anything you need to know. She is always spot on when it comes to knowing what is going on with my kid, and her bedside manner is more than I could ask for. She also knows so much about Indian culture so it makes it easy to talk to her about a mix of things. And she is super accommodating with each persons individual parenting styles. Highly recommended doc!

Dec 2012

Review from Mayra C.

I think I found the perfect pediatrician for my son. The office is nice with books and toys for children to get entertained. Wait time was 15 minutes outside and in the room it was like 5 minutes. The doctor took her time in explaining things and giving us advice. She checked my son from top to bottom and made sure he was where he is supposed to be at his age. The nurses were good, friendly, and always smiling. I would recommend her and even though it was our first time she didn't let us down.

Aug 2011

Review from Danielle D.

Dr Manghnani is pediatrician for our daughter. We picked her based on the recommendation of my OB, plus Dr Manghnani had privileges at El Camino (where I gave birth) as well as O'Connor (closer to our house). At her initial exams after our daughter's birth (which she did in our room) were accompanied by good explanations of what she was checking for as well as issues she was noticing. She even called after we got home from the hospital (but before our first exam appt) to make sure everything was going ok. They do have a separation wall for well/sick visits, each with identical toys (however the bookshelf is shared).Over the past year, we've had great treatment from her & the office staff - always very caring and quick to return calls/answer questions/fill out forms for daycare. I've never been made to feel like I'm asking dumb questions. They've always been able to fit us in for same-day visits when needed. Overall, we're very happy with her.

Jul 2009

Review from Maria R.

Dr. Manghnani is the BEST OF THE BEST! She is awesome! I love her, she always makes time for my babies. Elizabeth, the receptionist is the best too! Dr. M is super at what she does and thank God we found her! If there is ever a time that I cannot make it to the appt and my Mom takes them, she goes out of her way to call ME and let me know how the visit went. She's nice, sweet and extremely caring. She makes my kids feel comfortable and they love going to see her. I refered her to my BFF and she loves her too.***UPDATE***Once again...A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! My poor baby (2.5 yrs old) fell and had an open gash above his brow that needed to be glued together. At the very last minuite just as they were about to close Dr. M took him in and put him back together! He's doing better and not to mention it only cost me $25.00 bucks!!! As opposed to the Emergency Room that would have been $100.00Wound healed + Great Dr. + $75.00 savings + happy baby = PRICELESS!Thank you Dr. M =D

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